Heart rate in HealthKit workouts

would it be  possible to add more frequent HR readings (e.g. from Apple Watch) to the workouts created in HealthKit?

(and the track maybe?)






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    Hello Roland,

    Thanks for inquiring about heart rate and trace for integration with the Apple Health App.  For the time being it isn't possible to include the trace, however that is a possibility for the future. 

    Could you please explain a little bit more about the heart rate readings?  The SmartHalo app isn't able to track heart rate, so that would need to be tracked by a different system.  We don't have control over the frequency that other apps and devices record data while cycling, so you may need to look into the heart rate tracker that you have to tweak the frequency of the readings.

    Thanks and looking forward to hearing back from you!

    The SmartHalo Team

  • I am using Apple watch series 3 and with that in on the current set up of iOS 11 it is definitely possible for the 3rd party app to trigger the heartrate at certain times. Have a look at app called Heartmonitor and may be many out there...If Smarthalo have trigger the Heartrate as soon as I ride the bike and ends when stops. It will have much better data. 

  • Hi Eli,
    I believe the HealthKit API has the ability to track the heart rate via Apple Watches and other HealthKit connected monitors, but the app (SmartHalo) needs to tell when to start and stop tracking. I have an Apple Watch 2 and the Apple Health app shows most of the SmartHalo data nicely combined with an average heart rate from the Apple Watch. But there is an empty graph box at the bottom that would be filled in with heart rate over the course of the ride if SmartHalo would just trigger the start and stop of the ride accurately.

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