diming the circle leds


Some times I have to go very early to work. So it is darkest night and no street lights around.

In this case the circle leds are very bright so it glares.

May be you could add an feature to dim the leds in best case automaticaly depending on the time.


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    Hello Hurrikan and Robin,

    This is in the works right now, thanks for the suggestion!

    SmartHalo Team

  • Yes please! I noticed that the other day (well, evening.) The LEDs are far too bright for night-time biking, and you risk losing night vision (and look like a weird green glowing person to anyone oncoming.)

  • I would like to add a "me too" to this request. I was about to ask if you would be considering working on somthing like this and now I see that you are already at it, perfect! :)

    I just installed my SmartHalo a few days ago and that was the thing I noticed on my very first ride with it through the dark winter morning...

    Any idea when this will be available (as a software update, I suppose/hope)?!

  • Me too!! My first ride with SmartHalo tonight and this was my most significant piece of feedback. It’s very dangerous on a dark stretch of road.

  • Yes please, this is something I really need. Im not able to use the smarthalo on my commute because the LEDs are too bright.

    Do you have an expected date for the release? Thanks

  • This would be so great. Also looking forward to it!!!

  • I agree that this would be a great and important modification!
    Thank you for working on it! :)

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