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Hello guys,

I received my Halo and I´m happy with the device. I checked all features and functions and looked how to integrate in my daily routine.

Sometimes I drive with my bike without my mobil. I can switch of the alarm with the tap-code (cool function).

But I can not switch my light on. I tried several ways in the app and on the device. I dismounted my old light for the halo, because I thought is not needed anymore.

Maybe I´m not smart enough ..... :-)

With my warmest regards from Germany




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    Hey Thomas,

    Have you tried Steve's tip (thanks Steve!).  If that doesn't work for you please email us at  Instructions for turning on the light manually can also be found in the help drawer of the light tab.  This article explains where the help drawers are:


    SmartHalo Team


  • Hi Thomas,

    Did you try tapping the display of the Smarthalo twice? That's the way to turn the light on manually, assuming it isn't faulty.

    Just tap it twice and wait a few moments - a yellow dot should then appear briefly in the middle of the Smarthalo which indicates the light will turn on. To turn it off, simply tap twice again. There appears to be a very slight delay when it's turning off, so don't get impatient and double tap again, like I tend to do :)



  • Maybe I didn´t explain on a very good way. But I will try again.

    @Stephen, Yes this way works of course, but only if the mobile is in range of the device.

    If the mobile is not in range, mabe because I want to drive without mobile, but want to be save that the light goes on (Specially in Germany with rules from the goverment, that any bike needs a front and back light) or my battery of the mobile is off.

    Than my alarm option starts. Ok, don´t worry I tap my code in and alarm is switched off. I can drive with my bike without any alarm.

    * Now I want to switch my light on, without my mobile in range and .................?

    The device want to have the code .... no double tap let the light switch on.

    For me, to be save (traffic and police) I need an additional lamp on my bike ..... that was not my target when I bought this device.

    Please find a solution or show me how it works ... thanks.

  • Oops, my mistake! Apologies, you explained perfectly - I thought that worked without the mobile connected. But you're quite right, it doesn't appear to.

    One workaround that seems to work for me is connecting my mobile to the Smarthalo then disabling bluetooth. At this point, the Smarthalo is active but disconnected from the mobile and I can turn on the light. So you could theoretically make a trip without your phone.

    I'm not sure how long it would stay like that (I might test it on my commute home tonight) so if it's a long trip or requires a stop and return journey, you might run into issues.

  • Thank´s for testing Stephan. But that can not be the solution.

    I think the SmartHalo team has to find a solution for this.

  • Hello there, I have the same issue, almost. 

    I can double-tap to switch on the light (without my phone being connected to Smarthalo, and auto-light switched off before), but than after 30 seconds or so it turns OFF automatically, while biking. 

    This isn't really useful, in fact it's dangerous when you ride your bike in the dark and constantly need to check the Smarthalo device if the light is on - or once again automatically just shut itself off. 

    What helps though is a hard bump during the ride, by lifting the handlebar and let the wheel bump back onto the street. Even slight bumbs and riding the bike alone does not turn the light back on. This is really annoying.

    Already tried to reset, etc, nothing works. Turning off bluetooth on my phone and being constantly connected to the device (for the purpose of solely having lights on) is also no option for me.

    Is there a solution for this? Thank you.


  • Update: same issue appears even while connected to phone. Tested it yesterday on a 40 minute ride from office to home. First half with auto-light on, the other 20 minutes with auto-light off. In both cases light switches itself off, while biking. I guess Smarthalo thinks I’m not moving and switches off lights. Needs to be fixed.

  • @axlpreuss Are your other features working correctly? Has SmartHalo recorded your rides on the fitness tab? 

    Also, what is your firmware version?

    Thank you! 

  • All other features working correctly. Yes, SmartHalo records rides if fitness feature is turned on (I turn it off most of the times).

    Firmware is 1.7.2 (227).

    The issue must be related to the motion sensors. On a more bumpy road light stays on, but on flat road with less bumps it has the issues as described. Even for my taste "hard-enough" bumps to be recognized by SmartHalo don't help. Light on/off should be related to movement, not to bumps on the road, right?

  • I am interested in buying a SmartHalo for my Light. But I ride some times without my Smart Phone and not having the light would be a killer. Is this issue fixed? Or still the light works only with the SmartPhone connected to it?

  • Hi @Ananth,

    You can always activate and deactivate the light manually, find more information here:

    Let me know if you have any questions, we are always happy to help! 


  • Thanks for the reply. This helps me make a choice in buying the Smart Halo. I have ordered mine now. Will let you know how is my experience later.

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