Manually activate alarm even if SH in Bluetooth range

I would like to be able to have the ability to activate the alarm feature even if the SmartHalo is connected. Both at work and at home, my bicycle is parked close enough to me that the SmartHalo app will regularly stay connected to the SmartHalo on my bike. My office is directly above the bike parking area near my building and at home the shed where my bike is stored is close enough to the house that it is in bluetooth range. This completely defeats the purpose of having an alarm since it is always disabled, unless I manually turn off bluetooth on my phone (but then I can't use my bluetooth headphones...)



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    Hello Mark,

    As a temporary solution you can completely close your SmartHalo app (by swiping it closed) so that the bluetooth connection between the phone and SmartHalo is broken.  This will allow you to leave your bluetooth on.  Down the road we'll look into this to find a better solution.


    SmartHalo Team

  • Just stop the SH-app.

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