When will I receive my SmartHalo 2?


If you backed or pre-ordered SmartHalo 2, you might be wondering when you will receive your unit. We won’t lie, this year has been challenging from a production standpoint and it led to several delays. We apologize for this situation. COVID-19 has undeniably made things more complicated, especially for a small company like ours doing our best to navigate a new production run overseas, without being able to set foot outside the country. 

With all this said, we’re trying our best to increase the pace of production with our partners to get you your units. We’ve encountered a few hitches along the way, but are now hoping to be able to ship around 2000 units every 2 months. With this new production pace, here are the estimated delivery dates for pre-orders:

  • Remaining Kickstarter backers: October
  • Replacement units for defects: October
  • IndieGogo backers: November (tentative)
  • Website pre-orders: November (tentative)

We understand that you’re impatient to receive your unit. We have already shipped around 9K units to our Kickstarter backers and are hoping to finally be able to deliver units to everyone who pre-ordered in the next few months. 

We are sorry for these delays and thank you for supporting us in these challenging times.


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