SmartHalo 2 Known Issues


We’re aware that SmartHalo 2 has had a few issues since launch; we’re reading every message carefully and using them to classify issues and bugs you’re having. We understand they can be frustrating. We ask you to be patient: we want to create a device you love and are working hard to fix what’s broken and improve features based on your feedback. 

We’ve listed the most common issues here. This way, if you’re experiencing an issue, know that you’re not the only one, that we’re aware of it and are looking for solutions whenever possible. 

  • I can’t lock my SmartHalo 2 onto my Anti-Theft Mount
    New mounts can sometimes have some stiffness to them. Head here for a few tips on how to solve this issue. If you have tried everything in there and still can’t lock, please reach out to us and mention that you have tried the troubleshooting already. 
  • I can’t unlock my SmartHalo 2 from my Anti-theft Mount.
    There could be a few reasons for this. Head here for solutions. If you still can’t unlock, please reach out to us and mention that you have tried the troubleshooting already. 
  • Navigation or metrics aren’t working properly
    This is likely a phone permissions issue. Head here to find out how to fix it. 
  • I don’t want SmartHalo 2 to stay on when at home or in car rides
    As mentioned above, we’re hoping that Sleep Mode will help you with these situations, by temporarily deactivating SmartHalo 2. In the meantime, here are things you can do
  • SmartHalo 2’s battery isn’t lasting long enough
    We’re working on optimizing battery life and have also noticed that it drains faster if you remain connected. Until we release Sleep Mode mentioned above, here’s what you can do
  • My fitness rides are being split up into several rides
    As mentioned above, we’re working on this. 
  • My SmartHalo 2 is often disconnecting from my phone
    We’re noticing a few users are having trouble with their SmartHalo 2 connection. We’re looking into it but there’s also a few things you can do to try and fix it in the meantime. 
  • My Touch surface is frozen
    We’ve identified a few issues that sometimes render the touch surface unusable. We’re currently investigating solutions. In the meantime, a solution is to plug the device into a powered USB to do a soft reset. 
  • I’m having trouble updating SmartHalo 2’s firmware
    Since firmware updates rely on Bluetooth, there can sometimes be a few hiccups. Here are ways to fix them. We’re also releasing a fix that was affecting Android users soon.
  • (Android) My SmartHalo 2 is not displaying metrics correctly in miles
    This will be fixed in an incoming release.
  • (Android) I’m having trouble updating my firmware
    We’re hoping to fix this in an incoming release.
  • PeekDisplay Isn’t bright enough
    In some conditions it can indeed be harder to see. We can’t improve the brightness, but we do share a few thoughts on that here.
  • My SmartHalo 2 isn’t waterproof
    We’ve had reports that some units weren’t waterproof. This is a manufacturing defect. Should this problem arise with your unit, write to us.

To get a overview of the SmartHalo 2 product roadmap, head here


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