SmartHalo 2 Roadmap


Here’s a summary of what we’re currently working on and hoping to release in the coming months. 

New Feature: GPX Import

Progress: Released

We released the GPX feature: it allows you to import GPX files generated on another platform into the SmartHalo app. Here’s a detailed look at how to use it. Since we just released the feature, we’d be happy to gather any feedback to improve it: head here to share your thoughts

New Feature: Sleep Mode

Progress: Nearly Ready

If you bring your bike or SmartHalo 2 indoors, you might want to put it to sleep, to not have it constantly turn on at the slightest movement. Also, when bringing your bike or device in a car or train ride, you might need a quick way to have it stop tracking you. 

We’re currently working on adding a Sleep Mode. Once set, you can put your device to sleep using the Quick Touch shortcut of your choice (ie: 3 long taps). Once in sleep mode, your device won’t connect to your phone, track rides, or turn on any lights or sounds. The alarm will also be deactivated. It’ll only light up PeekDisplay with instructions for how to get out of sleep mode (hint: it’s the same Quick Touch shortcut that you use to trigger it). As an added bonus, you’ll find that your device’s battery will last longer when you put your device to sleep. 

New Feature: Manual Alarm Arming

Progress: Nearly Ready

Currently, your phone needs to be disconnected from SmartHalo 2 to activate the alarm. However, in some cases you might remain too close to your bike to disconnect (like if you lock your bike outside directly outside your house). Or, you’re within the limit of the connection range (say if you’re stopping for a quick coffee with your bike outside). In these cases, your phone constantly connects and disconnects from your SmartHalo 2, rendering the Alarm less effective. For now, you can turn Bluetooth off or kill your app if you are on iOS when faced with this issue. 

We recognize those 2 options aren’t optimal, so we’re working on adding a new Manual Alarm arming mode. At any given time (even while connected), you can input your Tapcode: it’ll cut the connection to your device and arm the alarm (we cut Bluetooth from your device to make sure you don’t keep getting in and out of connection constantly). To disarm your Manual Alarm, you’ll need to input your Tapcode again as you won’t be able to reconnect – to remind you of this, SmartHalo 2 will display a hand on the bottom corner.

Improving the Fitness algorithm

Progress: In development

Currently, with the way fitness works, rides are often being split into several smaller rides as soon as you stop for a few minutes. Some users are also reporting small disconnections while they ride, which ends up creating a bunch of split rides; not ideal. We’re currently testing a new algorithm that would solve both these issues.

Touch Inconsistencies

Progress: Ongoing

We’re getting reports of Touch inconsistencies from several users. Luckily, we can improve touch via firmware updates, which is what we plan to do. We’ve identified 4 main issues which all affect touch in various ways: 

  • Touch isn’t working when a turn signal is up.
    Currently, when navigating, you won’t be able to swipe on the carousel while a turn is showing. This leads to the impression that the touch sensor isn’t responding. We’re working on enabling swipes while turns are on. 
  • Touch sometimes isn’t responding.
    We’re getting reports that the touch sensor can sometimes stop responding. We’re currently investigating why this happens. So far we’ve found two triggers for it: a firmware issue and hot weather conditions. The solution for now is to plug the device into a powered USB to reboot it.
  • Users are having a hard time tapping and swiping.
    We’re increasing the input delay to give you more time to properly do tap combinations. We’ve also disabled swipes once you input a first tap, which should make every other tap easier. We’re also spending time to calibrate the touch sensor differently, to make swiping and tapping easier for everyone.
  • Users are having a hard time inputting their Tapcode to disarm the alarm.
    Inputting the Tapcode while the alarm is active proves to be difficult. We’ve increased the sensitivity to taps and disabled swipes when the device is disconnected to make sure you could disable the alarm with your Tapcode easier. 

Battery Life

Progress: Ongoing

We’re getting reports of people who are having abnormally short battery life with their devices. Beyond those, we’re also working on optimizing the battery life for every use case. It’s ongoing work we’re hoping to pursue for the remainder of the year. We’ve already started with 3 steps: 

  • We’ve added battery analytics to give us a better understanding of what was causing the biggest battery drain to users
  • We’ve released a fix on iOS which was causing higher than normal battery drain
  • We’re working on the aforementioned Sleep Mode, which will help users avoid the most draining of battery conditions.

Weather Alerts

Progress: Early Stage

We’ve started work on Weather Alerts, a feature a lot of you are asking for. In general, with SmartHalo 2, we wish to keep releasing features based on user feedback. This being said, before spending too much time on new features, we want to stabilize the experience and fix the issues you’re currently facing. Therefore, weather alerts will take a bit longer to release. 


To see SmartHalo 2's known issues, head here


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