My SmartHalo 2 battery isn't lasting long enough


SmartHalo 2 is meant to last during 10 hours while in use (with 25% front light use and average feature use) and 165h while idle. We're continuously working on optimizing battery life, as we aim to release firmware updates that reduce energy consumption. 

This being said, there currently are cases where the battery can seemingly drain too fast. While we work on optimizing various facets of battery consumption, here are things you can do to maximize your battery life: 

  • SmartHalo remains always in standby mode, ready to be powered as soon as it detects your phone's Bluetooth signal and movement. However, should you remain under 10 metres away from your device (if you bring your bike indoors or if you park your bike close to where you are), your Bluetooth connection will remain active. Although this connection doesn't consume that much battery, we've noticed that SmartHalo 2 still drains more power than wanted in this state. This might be due to the fact that the Halo and PeekDisplay will turn on upon sensing movement. We are working on a solution to address this use case. In the meantime, here are things you can do to mitigate this issue
  • The front light has the biggest impact on battery life: to reduce consumption, you can reduce the Light's brightness in the Light tab of the SmartHalo app. For example, reducing it to 50% will reduce consumption by 50%. Choosing blinking over normal will also reduce by an additional 50%. 
  • Weather can affect battery life. Although SmartHalo 2 has been designed to work under most conditions (please don't use it while a tornado is raging), cold weather is known to reduce battery life. You'll need to charge SmartHalo 2 more often and it might shut down faster due to the cold weather. 


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