My touch surface is not working properly


Before determining if your touch surface is not working properly, there are a couple things to note: 

  • Currently, you need to tap in the center of the touch surface and swipe from the edges. Taps will not be detected near the edges. This was to make sure the surface could discriminate taps from swipes properly, but we're exploring alternatives to this behaviour. 
  • When navigating: currently, you won't be able to swipe while a turn signal is showing. This was to make sure turn signals had the highest priority. However, we've heard users would still like to be able to swipe since often they're stopped while a turn signal is showing, which gives them time to swipe. We're looking to revisit this behaviour. 

Bearing these in mind, if you're still having issues with your touch surface, here's what you can do: 

  • Plug your device in a USB port (it acts as a soft reset)

If this does not resolve your issue, write to us at, we'll take a look at it. 


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