I'm having disconnection issues with SmartHalo 2


Here are some symptoms of disconnections while riding: 

  • You see the "Bye" animation with the Halo fading away
  • Your rides are being split even while you're riding
  • You stop seing metrics
  • Your navigation stops working

We've had a few users reporting these disconnections and are currently investigating software fixes to this, but in the meantime, here are a few things you can try to reduce these disconnections: 

  • Try holding your phone in a different pocket or location. We've noticed that putting the phone in the backpack can lead to disconnections. 
  • Try reseting your device by plugging it in a USB port. 
  • Make sure to turn off any battery saving apps or whitelist the SmartHalo app. 
  • Turn your Bluetooth off and on again on your phone. 
  • Quit the SmartHalo app and reopen it (here's how to close an app on iOS and Android)


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