Using SmartHalo's Compass Mode


Sometimes only the destination counts. In such cases, use SmartHalo 2’s compass mode: it’ll simply point you to the destination at all times. How you get there is up to you. 

Simply set a destination (either in the app our with a Quick Touch shortcut) and change the navigation mode to Compass. 



You can assign a Quick Touch shortcut to change Navigation modes on the fly

Once you start navigating with compass mode, you’ll need to ride a few meters to help calibrate the compass. Simply ride until SmartHalo 2 finds its heading. 

As you ride and get closer to the destination, the pointer will change colours and go from orange to yellow to green. If you swipe to the Navigation card, you’ll also see how far your destination is. 




When compass mode is active, the Halo display will always show the destination, even when you swipe to other carousel cards. 


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