How does Fitness work?


SmartHalo automatically tracks your fitness metrics, so you don’t need to press start or stop as it’ll detect when you ride or stop. You can view your ride metrics on your device while you ride, after your rides, and you can consult various fitness stats in the SmartHalo app. 

SmartHalo tracks the following metrics:

  • Distance
  • Time
  • Speed
  • Average Speed
  • Calories


SmartHalo 2 uses your phones GPS to measure your ride metrics. Make sure you give all permissions to the SmartHalo app or else it won’t be able to track your fitness metrics properly. 


On a ride

When connected, SmartHalo will start tracking your fitness metrics as soon as you ride a few meters. 

For Fitness to start tracking your ride, you need to: 

  1. Be connected to your device
  2. Ride for 25m while maintaining a minimal speed of 8km/h / 5mph.

Once you reach those conditions, you’ll see live metrics on SmartHalo 2’s Carousel. 

To change the current displayed metric, swipe right or left on SmartHalo 2’s touch pad. 




After a ride

Once you’re done cycling, SmartHalo will stop recording your fitness metrics. You might see the metrics keep going up for a while after you’ve stopped, but SmartHalo trims that data once it’s sure the ride has ended.

You can consult your ride metrics on the SmartHalo app and view past rides and Lifetime stats. Learn more about Fitness in the SmartHalo app here.


 Want to push rides to Strava or Apple Health?

Head here to find out how to do it for Strava and here for Apple Health.


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