Viewing Ride metrics in the App


You can consult all the Fitness metrics for every ride you took with SmartHalo 2 under the Fitness section of the SmartHalo app. 


The “Fitness” section is split into 3 sections 

  • Today
  • Past
  • Lifetime


Current Day’s Rides

In the first tab, you’ll see the cumulated ride metrics of the day. You can also view specific segments of the day by tapping on “Rides”. It’ll show you every ride of the day. 


 What’s a ride?

When you’re connected to SmartHalo 2 and start biking, it starts a new ride. If you stop riding for more than 2 minutes or disconnect, it’ll end the ride. Start biking again and it’ll create a new ride.


Past Rides

To view past rides, tap on the “Past” heading on the top menu. You’ll see a list view of every day you’ve ridden. Tap on a chosen day to view every ride you’ve taken that day. Mockup_Fitness_Past.png


In the lifetime tab, you can view your lifetime ride metrics with SmartHalo. This tallies up every single ride you’ve taken with your SmartHalo 2 to give data on total time ridden, total distance ridden, average speed, calories burned, and CO2 spared.


 Want to push rides to Strava or Apple Health?

Head here to find out how to do it for Strava and here for Apple Health.



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