Importing GPX files in the SmartHalo app



SmartHalo's GPX feature is still in Beta on Android (and will release soon on iOS): it's a work-in-progress and we're still gathering user feedback to help us improve it. Feel free to share your feedback by tapping on "Send Feedback" in the top left menu of the app!

SmartHalo 2 can navigate along a GPX file you import in the SmartHalo app. 

What's a GPX File? 

A GPX file is a file that includes ordered coordinates: a path. It's a way to easily export paths from a platform and import them to another.

In the cycling world, it's often used to plan routes: you map out your path on a platform that supports this feature, export it to a GPX file and then use that GPX to navigate with a GPS navigation tool. 

It proves useful when navigating in areas with poor data reception or on long trips, as GPX files can function entirely offline once they're generated. 

How do I generate a GPX File? 

There are a couple of tools you can use to generate GPX files. Here are a couple we recommend: 

Using those tools, generate your path and make sure you export your path to a GPX file. 

How do I import a GPX file? 

Before importing a GPX file, make sure you place your GPX file in a folder you can import on your phone, such as a cloud drive (Google Drive, iCloud Drive, Dropbox or others) or your phone's files structure. Then, to import the GPX file: 

  1. Open the SmartHalo app. 
  2. Tap on the Search bar. 
  3. Select "Import GPX".
  4. Browse to the GPX file and open it. 


The path will appear on your map. If connected to your device, you can press PLAY and start navigating along your GPX path! You'll be given the option to start at the closest maneuver should you not want to bike to the actual start point. If you do want to start at the first maneuver, simply select "Cancel".  

How does Navigation work with GPX Files? 

Navigating along a GPX path mostly works like regular Turn-by-turn Navigation, but there are some differences:

  • There are no reroutes. Since you have a planned route in mind, SmartHalo 2 won't recalculate your route if you miss a turn. It'll simply redirect to the closest point on the segment where you left the path or on the next segment.
  • SmartHalo 2 won't show street names. GPX files don't include them as they simply consist of coordinates on a map.
  • You can only use Turn-by-turn navigation on them. 



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