How does the Alarm work?


SmartHalo 2 is equipped with an anti-theft alarm. Thanks to its Anti-Theft Mount, SmartHalo 2 stays on your bike at all times, even when you park your bike, so your bike can stay protected at all times. We still recommend the use of a strong lock to secure your bike – combined with SmartHalo 2’s Alarm, it’s the best anti-theft protection you can give to your beloved bike. 

How does it work? 

SmartHalo 2 can sense vibrations and movement. Once you leave your bike, the alarm arms  automatically as soon as the Bluetooth connection to your phone is cut (this generally happens once you walk around 10 meters away from your bike). 


Once it’s armed, SmartHalo 2 remains on guard. As soon as it detects tampering, it’ll gently warn the presumed thief with a first round of warnings: some buzzing sounds combined with a Halo and PeekDisplay angry face.


This warning period is to provide some buffer in case the vibration is actually someone else locking their bike next to yours or a gust of wind.

Should the thief persist through the warning period, the loud 100dB alarm will go off. SmartHalo 2 keeps sensing movement; if the meddling stops, it’ll shut down the alarm after a few seconds of non-movement, so you don’t have to worry about useless ongoing sound pollution. 

Want to turn off the alarm? Simple, head to the Alarm tab in the app and switch the Alarm button off:Mockup-Alarm-Toggle.gif

How to disarm the Alarm?

As soon as you return to your bike with the SmartHalo app open and Bluetooth connection on, SmartHalo 2 will automatically disarm the alarm. 


Your phone’s out of battery? No worries. Before setting up the alarm for the first time, the app will ask you to create a Tapcode. A Tapcode is like a short “Morse code”-like password: a combination of 5 short or long taps. 


Simply input this Tapcode onto SmartHalo 2’s touchpad and it’ll deactivate the alarm. 


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