Using SmartHalo 2's Touch Surface to Navigate the Metrics Carousel


With SmartHalo 2, you get more power over what your device shows you during your rides. Thanks to the new PeekDisplay, you can swipe through ride metrics as you ride using the Metrics Carousel



As with SmartHalo 1, you can also create Quick Touch shortcuts to trigger your favorite features.  

To view the Metrics Carousel, you need to be connected to your SmartHalo 2 and in range. As soon as the device detects movement, it’ll turn on PeekDisplay, revealing the Carousel. After a period of inactivity, the Carousel will turn off to save battery life. Simply shake your device to turn it back on. 

To switch the current metric displayed, swipe on SmartHalo 2’s chin to the left or right: you should see various metrics shown on your device, each with its companion Halo animation. On the bottom of PeekDisplay, you can see how far along you are in the Carousel as you swipe. When you reach the end, it’ll loop back to the first slide. 


You need to be paired to view the Carousel, as it harnesses the power of your phone to display various metrics. When your device is not connected, only taps are possible to activate or deactivate your Alarm and Light 


Here are the cards included in the Carousel: 




The distance you’ve ridden so far on your current trip. 


How long you’ve been on this current trip. 


Your current speed.


The calories you’ve burnt on this current trip. 


The current time. 


Your average speed on this trip. 


The remaining battery on your device.

The carousel is actively being worked on by our team — more metrics will come in time and we plan on adding customization! Stay tuned. 



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