Why does the SmartHalo app request Location permission at all times?


To function properly, SmartHalo’s app requires the location permission to be set at “Always”, on both iOS and Android. Location from your phone is needed for Navigation, Fitness Tracking (since we use the phone’s GPS signal to measure speed and distance), as well as the Find my Bike feature. For Android, it is also required to use Bluetooth. 


For these features to work, the app runs in the background on your phone: it powers most SmartHalo features seamlessly while your phone’s screen is off and safely tucked. This is why we need your location ”Always” and not only “While using the app”; as soon as you’ll turn your screen off, it’ll break features that require GPS navigation.

The location is only used to make SmartHalo 2’s features work. We never use your GPS signal to track you when you’re not using SmartHalo 2. When you ride, we save your routes anonymously and could use the anonymized data to help improve city with more bike lanes and infrastructure that protects cyclists. Head here for more information on our Privacy Policy

How to change the Locations Permissions on your Smartphone

On iOS

  1. Open the iOS Settings app. 


  2. Tap on Privacy. 


  3. Tap on Location Services. 


  4. Make sure Location Services are active


  5. Scroll down to find SmartHalo in the list of apps.


  6. Select “Always” from the list. Make sure “Precise Location” is active, as Navigation won’t work properly without it.  


On Android

  1. Long press on the SmartHalo app icon your applications list


  2. Select App Info. This opens the SmartHalo system settings page


  3. Select the Permissions option. This launches the permissions page


  4. From the Permissions page select Location



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