Charging your SmartHalo 2


Is your SmartHalo 2 out of battery? It’s time to charge it. 


SmartHalo 2 will warn you with a notification when its battery life is getting low. You can always check the remaining battery life by swiping to the Battery card on the Carousel. 


To charge, you’ll need to first remove the device from your handle bars. Either remove your device from its Anti-Theft Mount or any Quarter Lock Mount you're using it on. 

Then, using a micro-USB cable, insert the smaller end into the port under your device and the other into any powered USB port, such as:

  • A computer’s USB port
  • A wall charger
  • A car’s USB port


If your device is charging, you should see your SmartHalo 2 light up and display the % of battery. In some cases, your SmartHalo 2 can take a few minutes before powering up again. If after 10 minutes it doesn’t light up, try another USB port. 

Charging time will depend on the output of the USB port. It can range from 4 hours up to 20 on low powered devices. Once fully charged, you can unplug the USB cable and use SmartHalo 2 again – to make sure your USB port remains moisture-free, ensure that that the cover for the port is properly on.  When the device is on standby, it should last days between charges. 


Battery life depends on many factors, such as how much you use the front light or how much you're using various features. We’ve designed the product to last upwards of 10 continuous hours of use but your mileage may vary depending on which features are used. 


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