Pairing Your Smartphone to Your SmartHalo 2


Pairing your SmartHalo 2 to your phone is easy.

Before we start pairing your SmartHalo 2 to your phone, make sure of the following:

  • You’ve downloaded the SmartHalo app (for iOS or for Android)
  • You have a phone that meets the minimum specs (iOS 11/iPhone 5S and up or Android 5 and up)
  • You have your Bluetooth turned on on your phone 
  • You have your SmartHalo 2 nearby 

To pair your device:

  1. Once you’ve opened the app, tap on the icon located on the upper right side of the screen  Connect.png. This should open a drawer.
  2. Once the drawer is open, tap on "Connect to your device" to scan for devices (you can also tap on the "Not connected" label). You should be able to choose your SmartHalo 2 from the available devices. 
    Can't see your device? Make sure your Bluetooth is turned on and that your SmartHalo 2 is plugged in and awake. If you still don't see it, try closing your app (here's how on iOS and Android). 


That’s it!

Here are some other resources related to pairing your device:



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