How do I install SmartHalo 2 on my bike?

Installation instructions

Determine the diameter of your handlebar. If needed, take the rubber inserts.


Insert rubber insert in base loops. Align the ridge with the lines.


Place on handlebar, secure the pivots and screw the two bolts into the base with the Allen key.



1. Place SmartHalo 2 sideways and align the bottom of your unit with the rail on the base

2. Rotate 90° to the front. install_2x.png


To unlock your device

Place your HaloKey under the mount, rotate SmartHalo and pull it.






Quarter Lock mount

You can use SmartHalo on any Quarter Lock Mounts. Simply insert the Quarter Lock adapter under SmartHalo and rotate it until it stays in place.



Feel free to email us at with a picture of your handlebar if you'd like personalized advice on the best way to install SmartHalo on your handlebar.


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