SmartHalo does not record my rides


To record your fitness data, the SmartHalo app must keep running in the background of your phone. Some settings or apps in your phone may prevent SmartHalo from functioning correctly. 

If your fitness data seems wrong or inconsistent, make sure that in your phone settings:

  • iOS
  1. Your phone GPS location permission for SmartHalo is set to "Always" (and NOT "Never" or "While Using the App").
  2. Your mobile data is activated and permission is granted for SmartHalo to use mobile data. Go to Settings > SmartHalo. Make sure the "Cellular Data" toggle at the top is on and the SmartHalo toggle is on. 
  • Android
  1. There are no battery saving apps installed on your phone that would stop SmartHalo from working in the background of your phone. 
  2. There are no battery saving settings in your phone that would stop SmartHalo from working in the background. 

    Go to:
    Settings > Battery > Battery Saver 
    Settings > Apps > SmartHalo > Battery usage

  3. Your location is set on High accuracy (Setting/Location/Mode) ad NOT "Battery Saving" or "GPS Only".

If SmartHalo tracks your fitness data but does not save the data at the end of the ride, make sure you have internet or wifi when you arrive at your destination.

If this article does not help to solve your fitness tracking issue, please contact us at so that we can further assist you. 


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