How do I connect SmartHalo to my phone?


The first time that you want to connect to your SmartHalo, you'll be prompted to create an account. This account will link to your SmartHalo – you'll be the only one to be able to connect to it. That way, even if your SmartHalo stays outside at night, nobody else will be able to connect to it. If you lose your phone, or simply change phone, you'll still be able to connect to your SmartHalo by simply downloading the app again and login in on the same account. That is because SmartHalo links to an account, not a phone. 

Also, SmartHalo is meant to be linked to your account from inside the app, not from the system's Bluetooth settings. 

Linking SmartHalo to a new account

If you open the app for the first time: create a new account and follow the instructions – one of the steps consists of linking your account with your SmartHalo device.




Linking SmartHalo to an existing account

Are you having trouble connecting SmartHalo to your phone? If so, check out these tips to get your connection running smooth, steady, and fast.

You can access the connection screen in the SmartHalo app through the right drawer.  The pictures below show where the connection screen is located:

(Please note that the 'bluetooth settings' in your phone may not accurately show your SmartHalo, so it's best to use the connection screen in the app.)



If you are seeing ''No device in range'' in the SmartHalo connection screen, make sure that...

  1. Bluetooth is On
  2. Plug your SmartHalo into a power source so that you see the green light blink in the centre of SmartHalo (the green light indicates you've reset the device). You might need to do this if your SmartHalo is in deep sleep mode. 
    If the green light is blinking, it means that the battery of your SmartHalo is empty, we recommend to let it plugged in for 12 hours. Then, you will be able to connect to the device and see the level of charge.
  3. Your phone GPS location permission for SmartHalo is set to 'Always'
  4. Your mobile data is activate and permission is granted for SmartHalo to use mobile data.
  5. There are no battery saving apps installed on your phone that would stop SmartHalo from working in the background of your phone.
  6. There are no battery saving settings in your phone that would stop SmartHalo from working in the background.
  7. Your SmartHalo is nearby and has battery (when you touch SmartHalo's surface you should it react to your touch, if you're not seeing a reaction to touch you'll need to charge your SmartHalo) 


If you can see your SmartHalo in the list of devices in the SmartHalo app connection page but it's not connecting, try the following...

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of the app.
  2. Reboot your phone.
  3. Plug your SmartHalo into a computer. You will see a green light flash on the center of your SmartHalo, followed by an animation indicating the percentage of battery left.
  4. If your battery is below 50%, let it charge 100%.


If you're seeing your device in the list of devices but you're getting a "Connection Error" or "Authentication Error" when clicking on your SmartHalo...

Make sure that you are logged into the SmartHalo app with the account that's linked to your SmartHalo.  If the SmartHalo is connected to another persons account you will not be able to connect to it. You will need to connect with that user's account first and unlink it before connecting with your new account


Additional Tip:

Try to connect to your SmartHalo from another mobile phone, iOS or Android.  When doing this, make sure that you're logged into the SmartHalo app with your account.  If the connection is successful with another phone and a firmware update is available, be sure to update the firmware.


Once you're connected...

  • SmartHalo should re-connect to your phone automatically as long as the SmartHalo app is open in the background.
  • Nobody else can connect to your SmartHalo, it's locked to your account.

Please note that you cannot pair to SmartHalo through your phone's bluetooth settings, you have to connect through the app.



If you are still unable to connect after these steps, please send a email to



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