When plugged in, the alarm beeps & flashes


What does this problem look like?

You should see quick alarm flashes and loud high pitched beeps upon plugging in the SmartHalo. 

When does this problem occur?

This problem arises when a SmartHalo has an active alarm and the battery becomes entirely depleted. This problem can also happen if you have left your SmartHalo on the shelf during the entire biking off season.

How do I fix this problem?

Patience is the key to resolving this issue. connect into a non-proprietary (NOT Apple / Samsung / Google branded) wall charger or laptop (try the other if the first does not work), try and muffle the alarm or wear earplugs to avoid going crazy listening to that thing go off and let it charge overnight. At some point the beeping will stop, and it typically only takes a few moments. Essentially the alarm drains the battery while it is charging which creates a cycle of charging and depleting the battery, the cycle needs to be broken for the device to start charging up as per usual, this too does not take very long.

Will I encounter this problem every time I charge the device from 0%?

We have actually created a firmware fix in the latest version that will permanently resolve this issue since it forces the alarm to shut off when the battery becomes depleted. To download the latest firmware, you just need to fix the problem once, as mentioned above and you should see a firmware update available in the app once you connect SmartHalo to your phone. If the problem persists, we urge you to email support@smarthalo.bike to determine what is not working about the proposed solution.


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