Using SmartHalo 2 with a Quarter Lock Mount


The main way to use SmartHalo 2 is with our unique Anti-Theft Mount. With it, you'll benefit from its anti-theft properties. However, you can also use your SmartHalo 2 with any Quarter Lock Mount thanks to our new Quarter Lock Adapter (provided with the device). This can be useful for:

  • A second bike, without having to re-install the Anti-theft Mount
  • A bike with a non-standard handlebar
  • A rental bike



Since Quarter Lock Mounts are proprietary, we can't make it theft-proof as we have with our Anti-theft Mount. 


Installing the Quarter Lock Adapter

To install the Quarter Lock Adapter, insert the Quarter Lock adapter under SmartHalo and rotate it 90 degrees until it stays in place. Then, you can secure SmartHalo 2 on a Quarter Lock Mount by rotating it into place. 


Removing the Quarter Lock Adapter

To remove the Quarter Lock Adapter, apply pressure on the two pressure ridges and rotate the adapter counterclockwise by 90 degrees. 



You might feel a bit of resistance when removing it, especially with new units. Try applying pressure until it moves. Locking and unlocking your SmartHalo 2 a few times on the Anti-Theft Mount will also help soften the plastic on your railings, which will ease the adapter removal process. 


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