How do I unlink my SmartHalo 2 from my account?

Your SmartHalo 2 is linked to your account only. This makes sure your device is secure and that nobody else can connect to it while it rests on your bike. Should you want to lend SmartHalo 2 to a friend, sell it or return it, you'll need to unlink your device from your account first. Here's how: 

  1. Connect to your device (to see if you are connected, check the connection status icon on the top right in the app)
  2. Tap on the top right menu
  3. Tap on your device's name in the bottom right
  4. Tap on your device. Then, on the prompt, select "Forget my device", and confirm. 

Mockup-Left-Menu-Forget.gifYour device will now be open to connect to another account. Make sure you don't leave it exposed to unwanted connections! 

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