My phone doesn't reconnect automatically to SmartHalo 2


Once your phone is paired to your SmartHalo 2 device, you don't need to reconnect it; it'll always remember which device it is paired to. It will reconnect automatically if: 

  • Your Bluetooth is on
  • Your SmartHalo app is running in the background (your phone display can still be turned off)
  • You are within 5-10 meters of your SmartHalo 2
  • Your SmartHalo 2 has some battery left

This being said, Bluetooth connections can sometimes drop or become unstable, depending on phone models. If your SmartHalo 2 doesn't recognize your phone when you get close to it, yet still meet all conditions listen above, here are things you can do:

  1. Close your SmartHalo app and re-open it (here's how for iOS and Android
  2. Turn your Bluetooth off and on again
  3. Plug your SmartHalo 2 in a USB port, it acts as a soft reset
  4. After having tried these 3 steps, Head to the top right menu, and check if your phone sees your SmartHalo 2. If it does, try to connect to it. 

If you still can't connect following these steps, write to us at


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