My speed is not accurate


If your SmartHalo 2's speedometer is not working or is acting erratically, it could be linked to your phone's settings. These are some things you can try: 

On iOS

  • On your phone, head to Settings > Privacy > Location > SmartHalo. Make sure you allow location access and that it is set to "Always" with "Precise Location" turned on. 
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  • Make sure your Wi-Fi is turned on on your phone, as it can help make your location more precise (especially in urban areas). 
  • In the SmartHalo app, make sure the Fitness toggle is set to ON in the Fitness Tab.


On Android

  • On your phone, make sure location is active: open the system top drawer and make sure Location is active


  • On your phone, head to Settings > Location > Advanced and make sure Google Location Accuracy is on


  • On your phone, make sure battery saver is turned off by heading to Settings > Battery > Battery saver. You can also whitelist the SmartHalo app should you choose to keep battery saving on. SmartHalo 2 can't work with battery saver because it reduces GPS accuracy. 


  • In the SmartHalo app, make sure the Fitness toggle is set to ON in the Fitness Tab. 



For the speedometer to work seamlessly, the app runs in the background on your phone: it powers most SmartHalo features seamlessly while your phone’s screen is off and safely tucked away. This is why we need your location ”Always” and not only “While using the app”; as soon as you turn your screen off, it’ll break features that require GPS.

The location is only used to make SmartHalo 2’s features work. We never use your GPS signal to track you when you’re not using SmartHalo 2. When you ride, we save your routes anonymously, We may use the anonymized data to help improve your city's cycling infrastructure and with creating more bike lanes.


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