How secure is SmartHalo 2's Anti-Theft Mount?


SmartHalo 2's Anti-Theft mount has been designed to protect your bike and the device itself against theft. It has 4 layers of protection: 

  1. The Anti-Theft Mount's tamperproof screws
    When you install SmartHalo 2's Anti-Theft Mount, you'll have to use the provided tool to fasten the tamper-proof screws. These screws have an anti-theft feature: unlike regular Torx screws, these have a "dot" at the center, which renders them difficult to operate without the provided tool. Should someone try to tamper with them with by other means, the alarm would go off by the vibrations the attempts cause (see point #3). Make sure not to lose the tool! 
  2. The locking mechanism and HaloKey
    The defining security feature of our Anti-Theft Mount: once your Anti-Theft Mount is properly installed, your SmartHalo 2 will lock into your mount with a quick 90 degree rotation. Then, it'll be theft proof; only the HaloKey linked to the Anti-Theft Mount will unlock your device. The HaloKey's magnet is actually a pattern of various forces and charges that will only interact with the opposing magnet that's in the Anti-Theft Mount, thus unlocking it. 
  3. The 100dB alarm
    One of our most beloved features. When active, anyone that tries to tamper with your device will be greeted with a round of warnings (to avoid false positives), followed by a really loud alarm if the potential thief persists. Combined with the physical anti-theft properties of the Anti-Theft Mount, this alarm really prevents any theft attempts of both your SmartHalo 2 and your bike. 
  4. The unique device-phone pairing
    Lastly, each SmartHalo 2 device is uniquely paired with one SmartHalo account (yours). You can rest easy knowing your SmartHalo 2 won't be usable by anyone but you. So even if the most cunning thieve would manage to steal your device, he would essentially have a brick in his hands. 


Important notes regarding the Anti-Theft properties of SmartHalo 2:
There are no completely theft-proof anti-theft mechanisms (that are reasonably priced, sized and practical). As a matter of fact, the best anti-theft measures are usually the ones that are the most dissuasive: a good u-lock, locking your wheels, placing the bike in a well lit environment, protecting your seat post and wheels with anti-theft mechanisms and so on. 

SmartHalo's anti-theft philosophy inserts itself in this thinking: the more anti-theft measures a bike has, the more likely it is that a potential thief will be dissuaded to attempt to steal it. This is why we highly recommend investing in other reliable anti-theft accessories to use in conjunction with SmartHalo 2 if you want to protect your bike. Once you hear our 100dB alarm, we're pretty sure you'll be convinced of how much value we add to the overall protection of your bike.  


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