Removing Your SmartHalo 1 From Your Bike


To remove your SmartHalo 1 (and its Anti-Theft Mount) and replace it with SmartHalo 2, you will need your HaloKey and the allen key that came with your SmartHalo 1.

Lost your SmartHalo 1 allen key? No problem! You can use any 2.5 mm allen key.

NOTE: Removing the unit and mount from your bike will not stop the device from pairing with your phone. To completely uninstall the device, you will also need to forget the device from your phone.

On your bike:

  1. Remove SmartHalo from the Anti-Theft Mount using your HaloKey
  2. Using the allen key, loosen the four screws on the two brackets until the mount comes apart

On your phone:

Make sure you are close to your charged up device, then:

  1. Open the SmartHalo app
  2. Tap on the halo button on the top right corner of your app
  3. From the menu that pops up, tap on the bottom where you will see your connected device
  4. Tap the correct device from “Current Connected Device”
  5. Tap “Forget this device”

And just like that, your SmartHalo has been fully uninstalled! You can now gift your device to someone else, or rehome it to a fellow cyclist 🚲


What's next?

If you’d like help with installing your SmartHalo 2, you can check out our guide here.
If you’d like help with pairing your SmartHalo 2 to your phone, you can check out our guide here.


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