The Do's and Don'ts of SmartHalo 2


Want your SmartHalo 2 to live a long life? Here are some tips to make sure your device remains in tip top shape:

DO seal the USB port shut after charging

This is really important as it makes sure your device remains waterproof when it's on your bike.


❌ DON'T lock your device onto your anti-theft mount before installing it on your handlebar

It'll be tough to remove if you do; the locking system was meant to work when the mount is installed on the handlebar which makes it sturdier. Here’s how to install the Anti-Theft Mount.

DO lock and unlock your device a few times upon reception of your SmartHalo 2

Sometimes, the Anti-Theft Mount’s plastic can have a bit of that new product stiffness to it. Insert and remove the key a few times, push the mechanism with your fingers a bit and rotate your device on and off a few times; it’ll loosen up the materials and make it work smoothly. Head here for tips for your Anti-Theft Mount!


❌ DON'T turn Bluetooth off on your phone!

SmartHalo 2 depends on it to work properly. If you turn it off, SmartHalo 2 will think you're gone (and arm the alarm if it's active!). Here’s how to pair your device to your phone.

DO make sure to install the mount in the right direction!

When installed correctly, you should see the SmartHalo logo when you've mounted your bike. Installing it the wrong way will prevent you from locking your device correctly! Head here for tips for your Anti-Theft Mount!


❌ DON'T test the alarm in a closed space.

It is LOUD and painful. You've been warned. 

DO leave your device on your bike, even when you're gone!

That's how it was designed after all. With the alarm active, it'll protect your bike from theft. When you’re back, it’ll disarm and greet you.

❌ DON'T forget your tapcode!

It's what allows you to deactivate your alarm when your phone's battery is out or if the Bluetooth connection doesn’t connect immediately as it should most times (we all know how Bluetooth is not always 100% reliable, right?). Here's how to set a tapcode.

DO put your HaloKey on your keychain

You'll need it when you need to remove your device to charge it! Here's how to remove a locked device with your HaloKey.


❌ DON'T flip your bike upside down with SmartHalo 2 on your handlebar

It'll scratch the top lense and nobody wants that. Make sure to remove your device first.

DO give location permissions to the SmartHalo App.

Since SmartHalo turns on seamlessly when you hop on your bike, it's required at all times for SmartHalo 2 to work. We really use it simply for making your device work or to improve your cycling infrastructure by sharing anonymized data to city planning officials. We will never use it for marketing purposes. Here's how to give those permissions on iOS and Android.

❌ DON’T throw your SmartHalo 2 packaging away!

Even though it’s recyclable, it’s even better to repurpose it to stow away small objects or to keep your SmartHalo 2 accessories neat and tidy.

DO share your feedback with us!

Good or bad, we want your feedback! It’ll help us improve SmartHalo 2 as we continuously release new features and bug fixes via software and firmware updates.

...Oh, and lastly, DO enjoy your bike rides with SmartHalo 2! :) Here are 5 things to try to get you started!

-The SmartHalo Team


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