I can't unlock SmartHalo 2 from my Anti-Theft Mount


There can be a few reasons for this, so here are some potential solutions: 

  • The HaloKey is not within the railings. Make sure the HaloKey is inserted between the two railings underneath your Anti-Theft Mount. 


  • The HaloKey is not pushed in completely. Make sure your key reaches the end of the railings; it won't unlock otherwise. In some cases, your stem might prevent your HaloKey from reaching the end. See next point!


  • Your stem prevents the HaloKey from being inserted completely. In some cases, the stem will prevent your HaloKey from being completely inserted. It can even make you feel like it's fully in, but it's actually being stopped by it. If this happens, you can rotate your Anti-Theft Mount back and forth until you find a proper angle to fit the HaloKey in completely. It can feel tedious at first, but once you figure out the proper angle, you'll be able to remove your SmartHalo 2 easily each time. 

If none of these solutions work, send us an email with pictures of your device on your bike from as many angles as possible — we'll figure out what's not working. 


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