Connecting SmartHalo to Apple Health


On iOS, you can sync your SmartHalo fitness metrics to your Apple Health account. This will push every recorded ride to Apple Health and will synchronize your profile information to Apple Health. 

Connecting to Apple Health

The first time you open up the Fitness tab, you will see an Apple Health pop-up asking you whether you want to sync your SmartHalo account to Apple Health. 

If you want to sync to Apple Health at a later date, you can do so on your iPhone. 

  1. Head to “Settings”


  2.  Tap on “Apple Health”


  3.  Tap on “Data Access & Devices”, and select SmartHalo.

From there, you’ll be able to choose to turn on all categories or you can select which metrics and data it syncs. Mockup-Settings-Health-Source.gif

Disconnecting Apple Health

To disconnect Apple Health from SmartHalo, head to your iPhone’s “Settings” > “Apple Health”. Tap on “Data Access & Devices” and then select SmartHalo. From there, you can choose to turn every category off. 


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