Pushing Rides to Strava


You can connect your SmartHalo account to your Strava Account. This will push your SmartHalo rides to Strava. 

Connecting to Strava

To connect to Strava

  1. Tap on “Linked Accounts” from the top left menu of the app.

  2. Tap “Connect with STRAVA”. This should open the Strava app on your phone.


  3. If needed, enter your Strava credentials

  4. Tap “Authorize”. This will take you back to the SmartHalo app.


Your Strava and SmartHalo accounts are now linked! You now have the ability to either upload every ride automatically or to choose manually which ride to push. 

Automatic Uploads

In Linked Accounts > Strava, switch the Automatic Ride Upload toggle to “ON”. Every ride you do will now automatically be pushed to Strava. Mockup-Strava-Auto-Min.gif

Manual Uploads

In Linked Accounts > Strava, switch the Automatic Ride Upload toggle to “OFF”. Now your rides won’t be automatically pushed to Strava, giving you the ability to manually choose which rides you want to push. 

To push a ride, go to the Fitness tab, and either select one of today’s rides or go select a past ride under the second tab labeled “Past”. 


Once in the Rides view, tap on “Edit”. You’ll be able to choose one or more rides you want to push to Strava. After choosing your rides, tap on “Move all to Strava”. 


Please note that it may take a few minutes for your rides to be published on Strava. 

Disconnect your Strava Account

To disconnect your Strava account, go to “Linked Accounts” > “Strava”, and tap on “Disconnect this account”. 




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