Set your home, work and other favourites for easy access


You can set your home, work and favourites in the app for easy access. You can even set Quick Touch shortcuts for home and work, meaning you don’t even need to take your phone out to ride to those destinations!

Setting your Home, Work or Favourites

Here’s how to define home, work and favourites:

    1. In the app, search for a destination, using either the search bar, by doing a long tap on the map or by tapping on a location pin.
    2. Tap on the “+” sign and define the location as your home, work or as a favourite.

Navigating to a Home, Work or Favourite

You can navigate to a preset Home, Work or Favourite in two different ways:

      • In the app, tap on the Search bar to open the Search Menu. You will see your Home, Work and any Favourites you have saved (as well as your search History). Tap on any of them to see a suggested path. Mockup_Search_Bar.png
      • You can also define Quick Touch shortcuts that trigger navigating to Home or Work (Favourites not supported by Quick Touch shortcuts). For example, 3 quick taps could take you home wherever you are, without taking your phone out. Mockup_Quick_Touch.png

Editing or Removing a Home, Work or Favourite

To remove a preset Home, Work or Favourite, select the one you want to remove from the Search Menu. Then, tap on the “+” sign. You’ll be able to remove the Home, Work or Favorite. 

To edit your Home or Work address, search a new destination that you want to use as a new Home or Work address, tap the “+” sign and replace the previous address. 





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