How does the light work?


On its default setting, SmartHalo 2’s front light turns on automatically when it starts getting dark. You can deactivate this in the app: 



The automatic light activation is based on the sunset time in your region. 


Turning the light on and off manually

At all times, you can also manually turn your light on and off with a Quick Touch shortcut. By default, two short taps turn the light on and off. 


In both automatic and manual modes, the light will always turn off at the end of a ride – no need to worry about forgetting to shut it off! 

Changing the light mode

SmartHalo 2 has two light modes: 

  • Normal: the light remains constantly on
  • Blinking: the light blinks continuously

You can change the light mode in the app: 

Mockup-Light-Mode.gifYou can also assign a Quick Touch shortcut to cycle between light modes.

Changing the light’s brightness

You can adjust the brightness of the front light in the app:





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