Getting Started


Sweet, you just got a SmartHalo 2. Let’s set it up! 

Your SmartHalo 2 can be set up in four easy steps. Follow along to get your new device going:

  1. Wake your device up
  2. Set up your user account on your smartphone
  3. Pair your phone to your device
  4. Install SmartHalo 2 on your bike handlebars


1. Wake your SmartHalo 2 up

Once you unbox your SmartHalo 2, the first thing you’ll want to do is wake your device up and charge it. Simply use the provided USB cable and plug the small end into your device (the port is on the bottom of your device) and the larger end into a powered USB port – this could be a wall charger, a computer port or any other powered port. 


Your device should power up and you should see a message on the device’s PeekDisplay asking you to download the SmartHalo app. 

If nothing shows up, leave your device plugged in a few more minutes or try another USB port. 

You can leave your device to charge, but you can also unplug it if you want to use it right away (as long as there’s enough charge left in it!). 


Heads up: Your device will fall back asleep after a while if you don’t pair it to a smartphone. If it does, you’ll have to wake it up again by plugging it back in a USB port. 


2. Set up your user account

It’s time to download the SmartHalo app and create your user account in the app. 

Head to the App Store/Play Store on your phone and search for “SmartHalo”. Install the app and open it. 

app_store.png          play_store.png            

Already have the SmartHalo app on your phone? If you were using SmartHalo 1, it's the same app. Simply open it! 

If you don’t already have a user account, tap on “Create account”. Follow the steps on screen.

If you already have an account, simply tap on “Login” and provide your credentials. 

Forgot your password? No worries! Tap on “Forgot password” to recover your account. 

Forgot which email you used to create an account? Contact us, we’ll sort it out for you. 

3. Pair your SmartHalo 2

You’re now in the app, hurray! You can explore a bit if you want, but we recommend you pair your device to the app as a first step as you’ll need your device for features to work. 

Only you can connect to your SmartHalo 2 once you are paired. This is to ensure that no one can tamper with your device when the alarm is active – only a smartphone with your account will deactivate it and connect to your device. 

  1. To pair your device, tap on the icon on the upper right to open up the drawer. 
  2. Then, tap on the bottom to scan for devices. Make sure your phone’s Bluetooth is on! 
  3. Once you see your device, tap on it to connect.Mockup-Connection-Nudge.gif

There’s no on or off button on SmartHalo devices: once you’ve paired your device, your SmartHalo will turn on automatically as soon as it detects your phone’s Bluetooth signal. Make sure to keep it on. It’ll also go to standby as soon as you move away from your device, usually around 10 meters away from it. 

Should you want to disconnect from your device, you can either “kill” your SmartHalo app or turn Bluetooth off. If you want to give your device to someone else, you’ll need to forget your device first. 

4. Install SmartHalo 2 on your bike

It’s now time to install your Anti-Theft Mount on your bike. It should take no more than 10 minutes. 

If you have a SmartHalo 1 device on your bike you’d like to remove, head here

  • Determine the diameter of your handlebars. You can figure it out by swapping the rubber inserts provided until you get a proper fit. handlebar_2x.png
  • If needed, insert the rubber inserts in the brackets. Align the ridges on the rubber inserts snugly to the indentations in the brackets. inserts_2x.png
  • Place the brackets on the handlebar and close them on the handlebar. Insert the two bolts and screw them in with the provided Allen key. 



Tip: Don’t tighten the screws too tightly, as you might want to adjust the angle of your device for better visibility while riding or to adjust the front light's angle. Once you’ve confirmed your SmartHalo 2 is placed at the angle you want, feel free to tighten it more. 

Your Anti-Theft Mount is now installed! 

You can now lock and unlock your SmartHalo 2 from your bike using the HaloKey and start interacting with your device! You can also learn more about our core features: Navigation, Light, Alarm, Fitness and Assistant.

Happy Riding!



SmartHalo 2’s Anti-Theft Mount is compatible with most standard handlebars. Are you having problems installing yours? Do you want to install it on your ebike? Do you have an atypical handlebar? Head here to see your options


Want an extra Anti-theft Mount? Head to our store to purchase extra mounts.


Did you know you can also use SmartHalo 2 with any Quarter Lock Mounts? Simply use our Quarter Lock Mount adapter. It’s really useful when you want to put your device on your secondary bike. Note that because the Quarter Lock is proprietary, it is impossible for us to make it theft-proof. Head here to buy one from our store. 


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