Locking/Unlocking SmartHalo 2 Onto the Anti-Theft Mount With HaloKey


With your Anti-Theft Mount installed on your handlebar, you can now lock SmartHalo 2 on your bike. Once it’s locked, you can leave your device on your bike even when you’re gone. SmartHalo 2 will turn on when it detects your phone’s Bluetooth signal (with the app active in the background). When you leave your bike, it goes to stand by and, if active, the alarm will arm, which helps prevent bike theft. 


We highly recommend the use of a good bike lock in conjunction with SmartHalo 2’s Alarm feature to secure your bike. 


To Lock SmartHalo 2

  1. With SmartHalo 2’s display facing up, place the device at a 90° angle on your Anti-Theft Mount (you can use your front light as a guide) and align the bottom of your device with the circular rails. You can place the device either 90° clockwise or counterclockwise.
  2. Rotate the device by 90° — you should feel it lock. Try rotating a bit to see fi it's properly locked. Your front light should be perfectly centered and facing the front of your bike. 



Unlike SmartHalo 1, you don’t need your HaloKey to lock your SmartHalo 2 on your Anti-Theft Mount. 


You might feel a bit of resistance when locking your SmartHalo 2. It will ease as you lock and unlock it a few times.


If your SmartHalo still doesn't lock: The most likely reason your SmartHalo isn't locking is because the sticker on the HaloBase is still new, and it's preventing the locking mechanism from moving properly. To resolve this, press firmly on the sticker on the top of the HaloBase multiple times for about 30 seconds. The locking mechanism should loosen up a bit.


To Unlock SmartHalo 2

  1. Insert your HaloKey in the slot underneath your Anti-Theft Mount. The HaloKey’s magnet should be facing upwards when you insert it.
  2. Once your HaloKey is completely pushed in, rotate your SmartHalo 2 by 90° (clockwise or counterclockwise). You can then remove your device. 




Having trouble rotating your device? It’s most likely because your key is not properly inserted. Make sure it’s inside the two rails, completely inserted, and try again. 


It is possible that the stem bolts prevent the key from going all the way in. If this is the case, tilt the device backwards to allow the key to insert fully.


About your HaloKey

Here's a few things to know about your HaloKey:

  • It's used to remove your SmartHalo 2 from the Anti-theft Mount. Without it, your SmartHalo 2 is theft proof when docked on the Anti-theft Mount. 
  • It isn't used to arm or disarm the alarm. The alarm is tied to your phone's Bluetooth signal; not your HaloKey. It'll disarm when it senses your phone's Bluetooth signal and arm when you leave your bike (with the alarm feature active in the SmartHalo app). 
  • Your HaloKey is unique and tied to your Anti-theft Mount: it'll only unlock your SmartHalo 2 on your Anti-theft Mount. 
  • Quick tip: add the HaloKey to your key fob to make sure it's always on hand when you need to remove your SmartHalo 2 for a quick charge! 


Lost your HaloKey or want an additional one? Contact us! You can also purchase an extra anti-theft mount here.



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