SmartHalo 2: 5 Core Features at a Glance


SmartHalo 2’s many features are grouped into 5 main categories:

  • Navigation
  • Light
  • Alarm
  • Fitness
  • Assistant


Get to your destination using simple turn signals. 

Navigating is simple: using your smartphone, first define a destination, either by searching or by tapping on the map. Mockup-Nav-Search-128.gif

Then, select your favourite route type between Fastest, Flattest, Safest or our Recommended path. Then tap on Go! 

At this point, you can tuck your phone away and start riding. SmartHalo 2 will indicate each turn you need to take to get to your destination via it’s minimalistic Halo, no matter on which carousel card you are. With SmartHalo 2, you also get the Street name, in case you need the extra information. Should you want more information on your path, swipe to the Navigation Card of the carousel, where you’ll always get information on your next step. 

Missed a turn? No worries, SmartHalo 2 reroutes automatically. 

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Never get caught out in the dark by the setting sun with SmartHalo 2’s powerful front light.

In its default setting, SmartHalo 2’s front light turns on automatically as soon as it gets dark. It also turns off as soon as you’re done riding, so no need to worry about a forgotten light draining your battery. 

Want to turn the light on manually? No problem! Use a Quick Touch shortcut (2 short taps by default). Double_tap.png

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Put an end to bike theft with SmartHalo 2’s alarm.  

Since SmartHalo 2 stays put on your bike at all times thanks to its Anti-Theft Mount, it doubles as a bike alarm system. As soon as you leave your bike, SmartHalo arms the alarm. If any thief tampers with your bike for too long, a 100dB alarm will go off. Unlike car alarms, SmartHalo 2’s alarm won’t go off indefinitely. It’ll turn off if it senses your bike is safe again.  

When you return to your bike, SmartHalo 2 senses your presence (via your smartphone’s SmartHalo app and Bluetooth signal) and disarms the alarm.  


No more batteries in your smartphone? No worries, you can define your unique Tapcode in the app. Simply tap this sequence on your SmartHalo 2’s touch surface to disable the alarm. 

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Track your fitness accomplishments, feel good about your ride. 

As soon as you ride a few meters, SmartHalo 2 automatically measures your ride statistics: Distance, Time, Speed, Calories and Average Speed. These are readily available on your SmartHalo 2: PeekDisplay will show you the metric, while the HaloDisplay adds a colourful animation to the mix.  

To switch to another metric, simply swipe on SmartHalo 2’s “chin”. 


After your ride, you can consult your detailed ride metrics in the SmartHalo app. You can view your daily stats or get an aggregated Lifetime view. 

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Customize SmartHalo 2 to your liking.

Assistant helps you with your cycling life. You can choose to get Incoming Notifications and define your Quick Touch shortcuts: short tap combinations that trigger your favorite features. Stay tuned for more customization options in the near future. Quick_Touch_.png

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