Setting Call and other Notifications on SmartHalo 2


SmartHalo 2 can alert you of incoming calls and notifications, which is useful when your phone is out of reach or when you simply can’t hear it. 


Due to the way iOS handles notifications, for now only Call notifications are available on iPhones. We are hoping to add other types of notifications such as SMS in 2021. 


On device Notification

When you receive an incoming notification, your SmartHalo 2’s Halo display turns blue and you’ll see the caller’s ID on your PeekDisplay. You can mute the incoming call by tapping once on SmartHalo 2’s touchpad. 




On Android, there are other notifications (besides for calls). For text notifications, you’ll see the name of the app from which the incoming notification is from. 

Setting up notifications

To manage notifications, head to the Assistant tab in the SmartHalo app. 

On iOS: 

The master toggle at the bottom turns call notifications on or off. 


On Android: 

The master toggles at the bottom turns all notifications on or off. You can also choose which notifications are active or not in the notifications section.


On both platforms, you can set the notification sound on or off, and adjust the notification volume with the slider. 



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