Understanding SmartHalo 2's Navigation


SmartHalo 2 has been designed to provide simple navigation to cyclists. Guiding you thanks to your smartphone’s GPS – accessed via its Bluetooth connection – it provides easy to understand turn signals for you to reach your destination. New with SmartHalo 2 is an additional layer of information thanks to PeekDisplay: you’ll get the distance to your next turn as well as the name of the street you need to take. 

Setting your Destination

To navigate with SmartHalo, you first need to set your destination. You can do this in a few ways: 

  • In the app, tap on the Search bar and type in the name or address of your destination. As you type, options will appear. Choose from the list and your path will appear on the map.
  • In the app, tap on the Search bar. If you have your home, work or any favorites set, you can tap on them directly here. Your search history will also show, so you can return to a previously searched destination. A suggested path will appear once you tap on any of those options. 
  • In the app, tap on a pinned destination on the map. A suggested path will appear once you tapped.
  • In the app, do a long tap anywhere on the map. If it’s reachable by bike, a suggested path will appear.



You can also use Quick Touch shortcuts to go to Home or Work, without even using your phone. Go to the Assistant tab to set them up! 


Choosing your Route Type

SmartHalo 2 provides 4 route types to get you to destination: 

  • Recommended: This is the most balanced route, optimizing between the fastest way to get there, while remaining safe and avoiding steep hills when possible. 
  • Safest: Makes you stay on bike paths as much as possible, while avoiding high velocity streets whenever possible. 
  • Flattest: Avoid hills as much as possible, even if it means taking a detour to get there. 
  • Fastest: For speed demons! Provides the fastest way to get to destination, with no emphasis on safety or flatness. 

Selecting your route type is easy. Once you’ve selected a destination, tap on the Path Selection button


You’ll see all the options, with the estimated time to get to your destination. Pick one and you’ll see it appear on the map. 

Alternatively, you can tap on the paths directly on the map. The chosen path will become green, and your estimated time and distance will update. 


You can also navigate with a compass-style pointer, head here to see how it works.


Understanding the Turn Signals

Once you’ve set your destination and selected a path, you’re good to go! Tap on that green GO button and tuck your phone; your SmartHalo 2 will take it from here. 

You’ll notice a new card has been added in the first position of your Carousel: the Navigation card. Swipe on it (via SmartHalo 2's Touch Pad) to get the distance to your next turn at all times. The Halo will also show you the angle of the turn to take. 


No need to remain on that card to get turn signals though, you’ll still get them no matter on which card you are: they’ll simply override the card you are on during turns. Once your turn is done, it’ll go back to whichever card you were on. 

When arriving at a turn, SmartHalo 2 will provide an audio cue. The Halo will indicate in which direction the turn is, and the PeekDisplay will show you the distance to turn as well as the street name. When the Halo flashes, it’s time to turn! 

“Turn left in 50 meters on Kensington Avenue” 



“Take a Hard Right in 200 feet on Stanley Street”


When entering Roundabouts, the Halo will mimic the shape of the roundabout, with the green dot indicating the exit you need to take. Red dots indicate the other exits. As always, PeekDisplay indicates the street name of the exit you need to take. 

“At the roundabout, take the third exit, leading to Chesterfield avenue”


When there are two immediate turns to take, the Halo will look a bit different. You’ll still see the first turn as usual, but you’ll also get a preview of the second turn you need to take. Once you complete the first turn, the second turn will display as a regular turn. 

“Take a left turn at Baker Street in 70 meters, then immediately take a right turn”


Sometimes you need to proceed with caution. These are cases where you might need to hop off your bike or be extra vigilant. It can occur on pedestrian avenues, one way streets, ferries, stairs or others. SmartHalo will display the turn signal in yellow in these cases. 

“Turn right on Hooper Street in 70 meters but proceed with caution.”


You’re now good to navigate with SmartHalo 2’s turn signals! Feeling adventurous? Try SmartHalo 2’s compass mode!

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