How GPS strength impacts Navigation


SmartHalo 2’s Navigation relies on your smartphone’s GPS. In some conditions or on some phones, this signal might not always be as reliable. In our tests, this is especially true if:

  • You ride in an area with tall skyscrapers, as the GPS signal bounces off reflective windows and makes it hard to pinpoint your location.  
  • Your wifi is turned off. Your wifi signal helps your phone triangulate its location when the GPS signal is weaker. We recommend leaving your wifi ON at all times. 
  • You ride with an older phone. 

Most phones usually have mechanisms to make up for weak GPS signals but in some cases, you’ll notice SmartHalo 2 might provide erratic turn signals. Usually weak GPS resolves itself fast enough, but if it’s not the case, we recommend switching to Compass mode if it becomes problematic. We apologize if this is affecting you, we’re working hard to improve the behaviour of SmartHalo 2 in these instances. 




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