How to set and change your alarm tapcode

When activating the alarm for the first time, you will need to choose a tapcode in the app. Your tapcode is a Morse-like password consisting of short and long taps on the device that you use to manually arm and disarm the alarm, in case your phone runs out of battery. 

1. Click on the "Define Tapcode" or "Change Tapcode" button on the alarm tab

2. A screen will come up with the image of SmartHalo a space where your tapcode will be recorded

3. Tap the image of the SmartHao 5 times - using taps that last either 1 or 2 seconds in duration.  Each time you tap, the 1-second-dot or the 2-second-dash will be recorded in the tapcode space.

4. Once you have entered your 5 taps you will be brought back to the Alarm screen and your tapcode will be displayed in the space titled "Your Tapcode"

5. You can click the "Change Tapcode" button and repeat steps 2-4 to change your tapcode.


Your tapcode can be used to arm and disarm the alarm when your phone and SmartHalo are not connected.  



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