Is my SmartHalo charging?

SmartHalo indicates the battery level by a circle that fills from red-to-green.  One red dot indicates that the battery is at 0% and a full red-to-green circle indicates that the battery is at 100%.

Touching SmartHalo's surface while it's plugged in will show the charge level.  You'll also see the charge level when you plug and unplug SmartHalo.

When connected to your SmartHalo, you can also see the battery level in the right drawer of your SmartHalo App.

SmartHalo charges best when plugged into a computer USB port (make sure you're computer isn't sleeping 😉).  If SmartHalo reaches 0% charge, it may take a few hours to see progress in the charging.  

If you're unable to determine if your SmartHalo is charging correctly, please email us at with the serial number of your SmartHalo and we'll give you a hand!  


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