Connecting phone to SmartHalo

Once you pair SmartHalo to your phone it should connect automatically every time you approach SmartHalo as long as the app is open in the background.  

If you're having trouble connecting your phone to SmartHalo try these tips:

  • Make sure that Bluetooth on your phone is turned on 
  • Make sure that your SmartHalo has battery remaining (If SmartHalo lights up when you touch the it's surface it has battery left)
  • Make sure that your phone and SmartHalo are close enough for bluetooth to connect (around 5 m, but could also be further in some cases)

Open the pairing screen in the SmartHalo App (see image below).  If you don't see your SmartHalo in the list of devices in range try the following:

  • Make sure you have the latest app update
  • Plug your SmartHalo into a power source so that you see the green light blink in the centre of SmartHalo (the green light indicates you've reset the device)
  • Turn your phone's Bluetooth off and back on
  • Completely close the SmartHalo app and then re-launch the app


Once you're connected...

  • SmartHalo should re-connect to your phone automatically as long as the SmartHalo app is open in the background
  • Nobody else can connect to your SmartHalo, it's locked to your account.

Please note that you cannot pair to SmartHalo through your phone's bluetooth settings, you have to connect through the app.

If you're still having trouble connecting to SmartHalo after trying these tips please contact us at



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