How to charge SmartHalo?

SmartHalo is meant to stay on your bike as long as possible, so that you do not have to actively think about charging it every day. This is why we made sure the battery life would last as long as possible. Under normal usage, the battery should last 3 weeks between charges. 

To charge SmartHalo, take it off from the mounting base using your HaloKey™, open the rubber flap and use the provided USB cable to charge it from a computer or a wall charger. 

Some users have reported trouble with some chargers (notably from Apple), so we recommend trying to plug the USB cable in a computer port for consistent results. 

When SmartHalo is charging, you can tap on the surface to see charging progress. When the circle is full, the charge is complete – this should take about 4 hours. 

Some computers output less power when they are in standby. It might take longer in that case. 



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