How does the alarm work?

SmartHalo's alarm system works by detecting vibration and movement on the device, using its internal sensors. You can activate the alarm by pressing on the button at the bottom of the alarm tab in the app. 

If the device moves while it is not connected to your phone, it will start by showing a visual warning. If movement/vibration is persistent, SmartHalo will continue to display orange warnings on the device and emit some sounds, until the alarm triggers. The alarm will then go on for about 30 seconds to a minute. 

The alarm does not have to be manually armed and disarmed. When the alarm is active in the app, it will arm automatically as soon as you leave the device behind (when Bluetooth disconnects) and will disarm automatically when you get to your bike (when Bluetooth connects). 

When activating the alarm for the first time, you will need to choose a tapcode in the app. Your tapcode is a Morse-like password consisting of short and long taps on the device that you use to manually arm and disarm the alarm, in case your phone runs out of battery. Once your choose your tapcode in the app, we recommend that you write it down on the tapcode reminder card and leave it in your wallet.

When you return to your bike, you can see how many times your alarm went off while you were away by viewing the recap below the "Sensitivity" toggle in the alarm tab.  You must be connected to your SmartHalo to see the recap.  There are currently no push notifications to let you know know if your alarm went off while you were away (this feature is coming soon).

Try setting up a tapcode, turning off Bluetooth and moving the device, to see what happens. You can then disarm the alarm by either turning on Bluetooth again or by entering your tapcode on your device. 



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