How do the assistant and touch features work?


Personal assistant

SmartHalo can notify you of incoming calls and SMS while you're biking. To activate this feature, press the button at the bottom of the Assistant tab in the SmartHalo app. On Android, you can activate both Calls and Text Messages. On iOS, you can only activate Calls

To decline an incoming call, simply touch the surface of the SmartHalo. 

You can also choose to enable sound notifications and choose the volume for them.  


Touch features 

We just made it way easier to stay on schedule with a new “Clock” feature. Stop being late with the help of a clock you can display with a short tap on your SmartHalo. Gone are the days of pulling out your phone constantly to check the time.


You also now have a built-in horn right at your fingertips. Simply long tap once on your SmartHalo to honk your way to a safer cycling experience. 


Some actions that could previously only be done through the app are now available directly through SmartHalo’s touch screen surface with Quick Touch. Want to navigate home? 3 short taps on SmartHalo and you’re good to go! Want to switch from Turn-by-turn to Compass navigation? Easy: 3 long taps. 

Note that you have to set home as your favorite in the navigation tab of SmartHalo. Search for your home address in the search menu and click on the + next to play button. 


The best part? You can view and customize the Quick Actions within the Assistant tab.



To make sure these features are easy to use, we’ve also improved touch feedback: you’ll now hear a subtle sound when you tap and you’ll be able to view the touch sequence you’ve just input, even when connected.


How do I get these features: 

Easy, just follow these 2 steps:

  1. Make sure you download the latest version of the app in the App or Google Play store (some phones will update apps automatically).
  2. Once that’s done, install the latest version of the firmware. You’ll need to be connected to SmartHalo to do it. Just tap on the top right icon (you’ll see a red notification dot appear on your SmartHalo icon) and tap on “New firmware update”. The update takes 5 minutes max!


For any comments or questions about personal assistant and touch features, please send a email to


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