SmartHalo does not fit my bike, what should I do?

SmartHalo supports most standard handlebars with a diameter of 31.8, 25.4 or 22.2mm. Depending on your bike, you'll need to use one of the spacers provided. Refer to the Install Instructions in the app on how to fit the brackets on the handlebars:

IMG_2885_-_copie.png   IMG_2884_-_copie.png

A few tips:

- If the rubber inserts marked with an (A) make the brackets too tight and the rubber inserts marked with a (B) make the brackets too loose, you can try using one (A) and one (B) to achieve a balanced fit.

- This is rare, but if there seems to be any interference between SmartHalo and the stem of your bike that is preventing a good fit, you can use the spacers to elevate SmartHalo.  Instructions to add the height spacers can be accessed from the "Help" button at the end of the installation instructions and select "SmartHalo is hitting the stem of my bike".

Did you try using all rubber inserts? If you have and that it still doesn't fit, get in touch with us by pressing the Submit a request button. Please provide all relevant information on your bike, including the diameter of your handlebar, as well as a picture.

It is also possible that something on your handlebar is blocking. Depending on the width of your stem, SmartHalo needs 2-2.5mm of space on either side. So you can try move what is blocking (a basket, a bell, a light) to make enough space for your SmartHalo. Otherwise, you could also place SmartHalo on either side of the stem (although that would break the perfect symmetry...).



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