How does fitness work?


SmartHalo can keep track of your cycling metrics automatically as soon as you hop on your bike, and stop by itself when you're done riding. To activate this feature, press on the button at the bottom of the fitness tab. 

When activated, SmartHalo will track your metrics such as time, distance, average speed, calories and CO2 spared automatically as soon as you start biking for a few seconds. It will also trim automatically at the end of the ride, to keep only clean ride data. 


Will auto fitness work even if I'm not using navigation? 

Yes, fitness auto tracking and navigation are two separate features that can be used at the same time or independently.

Can I visualize my speed? 

Yes! Go in the Fitness tab and click on Set in the Goal Tracking section. Then choose Set Speedometer. Choose a maximum speed (for instance, 30 km/h). SmartHalo will then display your current speed as a percentage of that maximum speed. 



Will I lose my data if I change or lose my phone?

In the case you change your smartphone for a new one, you’ll be able to sync your new phone. Simply download the app again and log in with the same user account. 


Why SmartHalo does not record my rides?

To record your fitness data, the SmartHalo app must keep running in the background of your phone, please read this article for more information. 


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