How do I turn SmartHalo on and off?

SmartHalo is a new type of device and as such, there is no "on/off" button. It will turn on automatically as you approach it and turn off by itself when you leave. To do that, it needs to recognize your phone – that means the SmartHalo app must be on, even though it can stay in the background

A lot of what makes SmartHalo "smart" depend on two things: 

1) Whether or not SmartHalo is currently connected to your phone;

2) Whether or not SmartHalo is moving.

For instance:

- The light will turn off if SmartHalo is not moving, regardless that are you connected or not (to prevent battery drain for those who leave their bikes inside their home).

- The alarm will trigger if you are not connected AND SmartHalo is moving, to protect your bike from theft.

- Fitness tracking will start when you are connected AND SmartHalo is moving, and will stop when SmartHalo stops moving. 


Good to know:

If you need to travel by plane with your SmartHalo, we recommend turning the alarm off to prevent it from being triggered when you disconnect from it. 

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